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Dear All,
Thank you for your always attention on ZJMECH.
Since the birth of ZJMECH moment, ZJMECH was bearing the passion of people, the pursuit of excellence in the dream. As human beings to change the world, to create the world#s most important tool, mechanical industry is one of the unique roles plays. ZJMECH is down-to-earth, play for safety, lead the development and progress of mechanical industry.
ZJMECH technology Co., LTD in Jiangsu province to the increasingly fierce competition in the market in an invincible position and rapid development, we keep making progress, innovation, solidarity truth-seeking spirit, by many years with colleges, universities and scientific research units of high-tech innovation, joint on and users sound the same close cooperation, our efforts are won great return-our products that are sold all over the country and users receive the praise here, our products are also exported to Europe, America, Middle East and southeast Asia.
We adhere to the "unity, scrambling, practical, high quality and efficiency," the spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "people-oriented" enterprise idea, because an enterprise#s success, it depends on the success of all staff. We set up a set of objective employing incentive mechanism, talents gathered of the full play and its ability to our enterprise technology development brings endless power.
We always adhere to the "Innovation and High Efficiency" creed, never arrogant and conservative. We will be filled with passion to ZJMECH growth strength, make oneself of the spiritual realm and economic strength than a day for a day progress. ZJMECH tomorrow want to rely on our efforts, the more need your support.
Hereby we with all staff with the from all walks of life friend selfless help extend the most sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks! Let us hand in hand advances boldly in the new century, and develop together!