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Haier and Gome represent China's brand development achievements


Haier and Gome represent China's brand development achievements

2017/08/22 20:34
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The study found that, since the financial crisis in 2008, in the economic downturn and business survival is increasingly difficult, the industry has dominated by its own brand, brand development is even stronger. From the 100 brand sales scale growth, in 2009 than the financial crisis began in 2008, an increase of 12.16%, and in 2010 than in 2009 growth of 25.67%. At the same time, profit indicators continue to improve. In 2008, the average profit margin of 100 brands was 6.27%, compared with 7.2% in 2009 and 8.11% in 2010. Show that since the financial crisis, Chinese brands have gradually formed more powerful competitiveness.
China's most valuable brand research is mainly aimed at China's competitive industries, consumer brands, began in 1994, this year is the seventeenth issue. This is China's earliest and longest duration professional research on brand value comparison, which is jointly conducted by fortune global ranking information group and Beijing famous brand asset evaluation Co., ltd.. The purpose is to study the connotation and development law of brand value, and to promote the establishment of independent brand by Chinese enterprises.
And in recent years, many of the rankings are different, 100 brands do not have significant scale communications, petrochemical, rail and other monopoly industries. According to the research, brand is the product of market competition, and the management advantage of resource monopoly industry is not brand. On the basis of public data, hundreds of brands will cover more consumer competitive brands as much as possible. Involving more than 20 sizes, 50 product categories, through the expression of brand value, for consumers, investors, researchers and other sectors of the community to provide Chinese brand competitiveness.
Haier since 2002 for 10 consecutive years to become the highest value of the brand, the first brand in the manufacturing industry; as a leading brand in the retail industry, Gome has for many years ranked in the list of the first retail brand value. The study shows that, in the market economy, China's home appliance manufacturing industry and home appliance retail industry are the first to reach the full competition in the market, and they are the most influential industries for the construction of Chinese brands. Haier and Gome, as the upper and lower brands of China's home appliance industry, represent the achievements of China's brand building and development.
The study found that, since the financial crisis in 2008, the fastest growing industry in the 100 brand is the Internet, with a cumulative growth rate of 115.37% over the past two years.