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The way the refrigeration industry operates: quality is the market


The way the refrigeration industry operates: quality is the market

2017/08/22 20:33
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The development of refrigeration and air conditioning industry in China started in twentieth Century 50s and 60s, after more than half a century of development, the whole industry manufacturing enterprises more than 1000, the number of employees reached hundreds of thousands, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment can be found in almost all categories of suppliers in china. Especially in the past 10 years, the industry average annual growth rate has been maintained at 2 digit level, the number of products output ranked first in the world, China has become the world's second largest consumer market for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and the first production of refrigeration and air conditioning industry has become an important part of China's equipment industry and the effective strength of the national economy.
Lanzhou Ice Star Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a committed to selling world-class refrigeration equipment and accessories, to undertake a variety of refrigeration engineering and central air conditioning (GSHP) design and installation business of the company, with the development of refrigeration and air conditioning industry tide, to a certain extent witnessed industry development. As an agent, as well as an engineering contractor, Ice Star Refrigeration has its own views on the development of refrigeration and air conditioning industry.
Liu Anzhong manager said, Ice Star Refrigeration in the industry for many years, has always been committed to selling world-class equipment and products. In his view, only first-class quality products, can withstand the market scrutiny and certification. Agents directly to the consumer market, they will receive the first market feedback on the quality of products and equipment. Although they just mountain agent identity brand, but when the quality problems emerge, they can not be none of my business. The distribution of primary business lies in honesty, honesty can make the world first-class brand reputation, and is an agent.
Today's quality is tomorrow's market - this is the ice star company's eternal pursuit, I believe it is also every operation refrigeration industry counterparts resonance. Liu Anzhong manager mused about the development of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and believed that the refrigeration industry was constantly improved and improved in the process of development. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the comprehensive level of the refrigeration industry, it has gradually increased the industry barriers. But that's not a bad thing.
As we all know, refrigeration equipment in the R & D, production process requires the use of basic physics, materials, machinery, automation, control, and many other disciplines of knowledge, technical content is very high. Coupled with the application of the market emergence of new product development, have relatively strong technical reserves as the basis, in order to shorten the development cycle, the rapid introduction of products to adapt to new market demand, so as to capture new markets. This puts forward higher requirements for the technical accumulation of the manufacturers, and correspondingly, the new entrants in the industry have formed higher technical threshold. Agents are pleased to see the industry continue to improve its technology, which also means that manufacturers and suppliers to improve the quality of refrigeration equipment pursuit. For agents such as Liu Anzhong manager, it means that the quality of the products they represent is more or less guaranteed.
From another perspective, the refrigeration industry suppliers will in the industry development trend, constantly absorbing the rich experience, developed a unique technology, advanced technology, increasingly gathering its solid strength, allowing enterprises to gradually grasp the industry market discourse. In the market dominant enterprises, their market share is not only the ordinary consumer groups, but also will become more first-class large-scale manufacturing enterprises, choose trade cooperation equipment suppliers.
For example, machine tool manufacturing, ship manufacturing enterprises need special refrigeration equipment, the product is integrated multiple components, assembly, debugging and testing throughout the entire production process, need to process and technical requirements higher, only the strength of technical leading enterprises can meet the market demand.
Special refrigeration equipment users mainly in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other fields, the field of units from the safety and reliability of suppliers often require strong product development ability, high detection level, and good customer service tracking services, it must choose a stable and reliable quality, the service level of the enterprise advanced supplier cooperation. Once the machine tool manufacturing, ship manufacturing enterprises approved special refrigeration equipment suppliers, in order to ensure the stability of product quality and delivery, they will not easily change suppliers, thus forming long-term stable customer relationship.
Business said, long way of business enterprise, is no relaxation during the time of the pursuit of quality. This seems to be another interpretation of the phrase "today's quality is tomorrow's market.".